Haicougar's Daily(ish) Haiku

{June 21, 2017}   Reclamation

I cut my hair for

you. No more: bit by bit it

is growing longer.

{June 12, 2017}   Waiting

I only really

like suspense when it’s playing

on the silver screen.


{May 29, 2017}   Awkward

Of all the gin joints,

you have to walk into the

one where I’m tongue-tied.

{May 29, 2017}   Timing

Always I show up

too late to the party and

good snacks are taken.


{May 22, 2017}   Smooth

Why do the wrong words

or just awkward ones always

spill out of my mouth?


{May 19, 2017}   Child-free

This womb does not ache

for occupants who would make

my world much smaller.

{May 18, 2017}   On “Ideal” Womanhood

Don’t be loud, they said.

Stay in line, they said. Fuck that.

I am not docile.

{May 18, 2017}   Eating Steak in Rwanda

So few places to

order meat medium-rare.

Don’t kill the cow twice.

{May 17, 2017}   Trump Fatigue

Justice obstruction,

colluding with Russia, and

Mike Pence could be worse?

Big, imploring eyes

and snuggles distract me from-

What’s that in your mouth?

et cetera
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