Haicougar's Daily(ish) Haiku

{November 2, 2017}   Kampala

Huge, chaotic, such

options: Toto, we’re not in

Rwanda anymore.


{August 30, 2017}   Lightness

The bouyant feeling

of having just pulled off such

a narrow escape

{August 8, 2017}   Frightened Rabbit > Adele

Someone like you? I

would prefer somebody who

is nothing like you.

{July 23, 2017}   Dharma

The universe is

a wheel. Everything comes back

around and around.

{July 23, 2017}   Tinder Nightmares #3

Can’t you answer the

question I asked you? That’s how

conversations work.

{July 23, 2017}   Tinder Nightmares #2

Why would you put your

wedding picture as your first

profile photograph?

{July 23, 2017}   Tinder Nightmares #1

5’6 is not six

feet. I don’t want to know what

else you lie about.

{July 21, 2017}   Empathy

In the daylight, I

remember we all have things

we try to get through.

{July 21, 2017}   Schadenfreude

Now look who’s at loose

ends, not sure what to do with

himself. How’s it feel?

{July 20, 2017}   Lightness

One by one, they fall

off my shoulders, all the

fucks I’ve stopped giving.

et cetera
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